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15 May 2009 @ 05:38 pm

Something to nibble on:

Brown eyes so light they looked like prisms of golden tiger’s eye followed her every movement like a snake under a charmer’s spell. Melissa Garrison smirked smugly at her friends, casting hooded eyes in a lascivious backward glance, pursing her lips and tossing her hair like the mane of a proud mare. Golden eyes widened for a fraction of a second, lips quirking, an answering grin slithering across wide lips in interest.


“My God, Mel, don’t you have any shame?” Her friend, Tracy Morgan, asked, horrified. The girl’s cheeks turned a deep shade of pink as she peered around her much taller friend, squeaked at what she saw and hastily drew back, meeting Melissa’s narrowed gaze with wide green eyes. Melissa cut her eyes at Tracy, shook her head and pressed her normally full lips into a thin, straight line.


“Don’t be such a prude, Trace,” Melissa replied in a mockingly severe tone, glancing back again and biting her lip. She turned back to her friends and winked. “I’m just having a little fun.”


“’A little fun’ my ass, Mel,” Isabelle Hartford hissed under her breath. “You don’t even know the guy.”

Melissa quirked her eyebrows skyward. “So?”


“’So’?” Isabelle echoed, aghast. “What d’you mean ‘So’? He looks like he’s at least thirty.”


“Twenty-six at most,” Melissa corrected with a wicked grin. Tracy and Isabelle rolled their eyes in twin expressions of exasperation as Melissa smoothed down the front of her tank top and tugged slightly on the hem of her skirt. She glanced back a third time and came away with another grin.


She had seen him first at the movie theatre, four rows back with the moving pictures of the theatre’s screen dancing across his golden eyes like moving fire. She hadn’t meant to catch his eye. She had only glanced back briefly, bored with slow scene that had unfolded before her on the movie screen, but it had only taken that short span of seconds for her to see him and become mesmerized; he didn’t look like the typical crowd of movie goers that frequented this spot on Friday nights. She was used to seeing the college professor types with the thick spectacles, polo shirts and khaki slacks, or the newly wed types that couldn’t help but suck face at every dull moment or lull in a movie. He looked like a college student—one of those neo-hipsters born after the Kurt Cobain-era but still masquerading the grunge hype of baggy jeans and a tee-shirt with a band’s logo on the front, a face covered with a ten o’clock shadow.


She stared at him for so long that something in him must’ve been alerted; some primal intuition left over from the primordial days of humanity’s beginnings that his head inclined, tilted to the side, eyes darting away from the movie, seeking out the source that had tripped his mental alarms. He caught her eyes before she could turn away and she felt a chill rush through her, like someone had doused her with cold water. The young man smirked when she still hadn’t looked away, licked his lips and turned back to the movie, his smirk still firmly in place. Melissa had tore her eyes away from him, fixed them firmly on the screen and refused to look back, her heart beating wildly in her chest and her bottom lip captured firmly between her teeth.


She lost him in crowd when the movie had ended, had sought him out when she, Isabelle and Tracy were finally free from the confines of the movie theatre and the rush of the crowds proceeding towards the exit and home. He was nowhere outside either, and she couldn’t make her friends stop and wait for the crowd to clear just to find some guy that she had only caught sight of for a few seconds. Instead, she gave a mental shrug, chalked it up to a missed opportunity at flirtation and proceeded with her friends to public transportation. And that’s when she saw him again, standing on the subway platform, waiting for the next available train.


The dim, dull phosphorescence of the subway car’s overhead lights revealed a nearly deserted subway car with three other passengers aside from their small trio—the bulk of the movie crowd having gotten off at the respective stops long ago—but the three of them could, nevertheless—Melissa , Tracy and Isabelle—make out the interest that the scruffy young man was paying them, or Melissa rather. His golden eyes trained on Melissa’s every move, his tongue darting out of his mouth to coat his lips and interest kept his mouth tugged into a grin. It gave Melissa a thrill and caused her heart beat to quicken much as it had in the movie theatre in her chest. Her gray eyes darted back a forth time, met the intensity of those golden orbs and held them. The young man’s eyebrow quirked skyward. She licked her lips before pulling her bottom one between her teeth.


“Stop it, Mel,” came Isabelle’s stern command, and Melissa rolled her eyes before turning back to her friend with a huff of annoyance.


“Stop what?” Melissa asked with saccharine sweetness.


“Stop flirting with that guy,” Isabelle replied, her tone no nonsense.


“Jeez, sorry, Izzy, I didn’t realize my mother had come with us to the movies instead of my best friend,” Melissa growled, still annoyed.


The slick, wet hiss of damp metal tires scraping against their metal railings drowned out Isabelle’s saucy retort, and resounded outside in the tunnel ahead of them, ending in a dull, roaring echo. The subway car lurched forward, shoving Isabelle and Tracy into one another, but Melissa grabbed hold of the overhead bar rail before she was tossed unceremoniously into her companions. She smirked, Isabelle glared and Tracy whined as the subway car lurched again, this time backward and nearly sent Isabelle and Tracy tumbling to the floor. Isabelle caught herself and reached out to grab Tracy, catching the other girl before she was tossed to the subway car’s dirty floor. The car came to a screeching halt as the windows were filled on either side of the subway cabin with the sight of an empty, deserted subway platform.


“It’s our stop,” Isabelle announced, loud enough to be heard over the hiss and rumble of the subway car and the dull monotone of the conductor’s voice as it filtered, scratchily, through the car’s intercom system. The subway car doors swished open with a hiss. Melissa planted her feet firmly on the floor, gaining her balance and waited for Isabelle and Tracy to step off the train before her. She was sure the young man would make a move. After all, she had given him all the signals and had more than enough of her fair share of flirting. She looked back, expecting him to be behind her like a eager pup, but the young man hadn’t moved from his spot on the train only watched her as she proceeded to the exit. He made no move to get off the subway car either, only looked her up and down appreciatively before looking away and settling back against the wall of the train. This wasn’t his stop, he wasn’t going to do anything, and Melissa couldn’t help the sudden disappointment that bubbled up from the pit of her stomach as she stepped off the car.


The doors swished shut a moment later and Melissa’s eyes followed the subway car as it lurched forward, the thunderous cacophony of its wheels rolling forward on its tracks reverberating in the tunnel around her. Her eyes met the golden orbs of the young man’s gaze once more before he was swallowed up by darkness, the train entering into the underground tunnel, continuing on its set course around the city. Melissa sighed, shrugged mentally to herself.


Ah well, she thought. It was fun while it lasted.


She turned to her friends, Isabelle staring the empty spot where the train car had been with a suspicious glare. Melissa chuckled and looped an arm around both Isabelle and Tracy, jogging the former out of her daze.


“C’mon, girls,” Melissa announced, jokingly. “Let’s get me home.”





It's a portion of the book. Not quite all of it, and I can't tear myself away. I think I'm putting too much pressure on myself to write, and writing should never be about pressure. GAH!

Anyway, Star Trek? Any one? Anyone?

Haz ya seen it?
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wonderbread9wonderbread9 on May 19th, 2009 11:29 pm (UTC)
Thank you. *bows* I'm getting over writer's block slowly, but surely and I know, I know..people have told: writer's block is a state of mind. I'll master it, I swear!

Is it nerdy of me to have seen it twice then? I like the movie. It reminds me of childhood and watching Star Trek TOS on Scifi channel. It was one of the only tv shows my dad let me and my older brothers watch aside from educational programs. It was a real hoot, and then they did the reboot.

I was, and still am excited. They're going to have a sequel.